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About Us

Allure Industries Limited (Allure) was established in the year 2015. Allure has grown to become a trusted brand in Nigeria. We started as a small scale company in Ogun State, Nigeria, and now we have distributors all over Nigeria.

Allure was founded to produce high quality hair care products that;
• treats hair damages,
• nourishes the hair and
• moisturizes the hair .

We are abreast of the contemporary technologies when it comes to hair care and with that we strive to offer the best quality to the end that our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
We are dedicated to making the finest quality hair care products that will give our customers’ hair the look they desire

Our Products
Allure offers an excellent range of products that include;
• Hair Shampoo
• Hair Conditioner,
• Styling gel
• Hair relaxer
• Hair Food and
• Our unique Allure coconut oil and Shea butter leave in crème conditioner.

Allure products are made with a perfect mix of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients including Shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, natural oils and herbs.

When it comes to creating amazing hair care products, we have the right quality; we have formulated products that meet our customers’ hair needs.

As a brand aimed at providing ground breaking, high quality products, we are committed to recent technology, innovation and research.

The concept behind the company is to enable every woman embrace her natural hair and boldly own a unique style; our products are inspired by your hair.

Try Allure range of hair products today and experience beauty redefined with best quality!!!

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